"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Card set for my Momma - using Paper Niche Feb. Kit

Good morning. Thank God it’s Friday right?!?

I’ve got so much going on today too. Have to take my sweet little Lulu to the doctor about a rash she’s got goin’ on, then drop off my car at the collision ship to hopefully (finally) be fixed, go grocery shopping, clean the house, and then hopefully hit up AC Moore afterward!! So, before I get to the maddness that will be today ;), I just wanted to stop in and show you the card set I made with my Paper Niche kit.

It’s a total of 4 cards. Super simple, but look elegant, I think so anyway. I started with Neenah Cardstock, and used the Glitz Designs paper from the kit along with Hero Arts stamps. The butterfly is from this set and the sentiment is from this one (I purchased both sets @ Paper Niche).

I made these cards for my mom to give out. She’s had to go to so many doctors, and has had to rely on them, the nurses, friends, and family for help since her diagnosis. You know, that’s how it goes. She’s doing amazing, by the way. So strong. She goes for more scans in March & we’re praying for great news. We know God is the great healer and is ABSOLUTELY in charge!
Anyway, she’s always asking for Thank You cards to show her appreciation to those helping her, and these are for her. They were super easy, just made a little assembly line and went at it. Fold card, chalk edges, cut patterned paper, punch edges of patterned paper, stamp image onto that, then stamp them onto coordinating page of patterned paper, cut out image, adhere to first image (middles only of the butterfly - for dimension), bedazzle ;), lastly add sentiment. That’s it in a nutshell. Super easy peasy!

Well, that is my share for today. Thanks for peeking. I also wanted to say thanks for your comments, and encouragement! I always try to comment when I’m blog hopping. I think it’s good to build each other up. I probably look like a stalker, I comment so much! Ps. NOT A STALKER ;). Seriously though, with a few words of encouragement, we can do SO much for one another. Sometimes, in this life, it may make a huge difference! We never know what someone else is dealing with. Life can be hard. We all deal with a lot (even if to someone else “it’s nothing”...) Sometimes I can live off a smile (or a positive comment) from someone for 3 days! So, thank you girls who comment on my posts! It means a super-duper lot to me and I ain’t afraid to say it! I saw this in my blogging travels this week & HAD to share: Its true, no? Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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