"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hi guys! Just a quickie today. I wanted to share two cards that I submitted a whiiiile back for the Paper Crafts Halloween issue:

(hee hee, the kitty is a vampire ;) - this is when I 1st started experimenting with critters and their Halloween costumes)

(the inside says "or a very good witch)
That's it ;). Have a great one!!


  1. These are cute, Heather! I LOVE the vampire teeth, sometimes I think my cat seriously has some of those!

  2. Hee hee! Those are both hilarious!! I love that you make the critters' costumes--you're so clever! And I love that witch--she's awesome!