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-- Michael Bridge

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My weekend project...Halloween "Goodie Bags" a-la Bo Bunny

Hello there. Today I wanted to share the project I made this weekend. Ok, first thing you should know about me is that I am the mom who avoids signing up for goodie bags for my children's class parties (especially now that there are 2 of them in school!!). I'm sorry, I do. First off, it just gets too expensive and secondly (and especially) both of my kiddies LOVE making & decorating cupcakes (and it's something we can all do together), so, I usually sign up for cupcakes instead!!

Ok, that was until I saw THIS amazing project on the Bo Bunny Blog!! I have to say: Bo Bunny's "Whoo-Ligans" is my absolute fave for Halloween this year!! I just love the colors, patterns, and THOSE HAPPY LITTLE MONSTERS. (...SIGH...) I was so excited when 2Peas got it all in, that I ordered 3 of each page (of patterned paper) and a sheet of the chipboard stickers!!

Anyway, Frances made the CUTEST project ever, it was just amazing AND she included a template and detailed (easy) instructions! After seeing her tutorial, I went and signed each of my kids' names right next to "Goodie Bags" right away!! I felt like such a rebel ;).

I know, mine are NOWHERE as detailed and purty as Frances'. She did an amazing job. I was going to just go crazy, and then my hubby said "THOSE KIDS ARE JUST GUNNA EAT THE CANDY & THROW THEM AWAY"!! Now, if one of my kids got something like that, I'd keep it forever! I'd put it on my desk at work, and smile every time I saw it :). But seeing as he was probably right (he's got to be right ONCE in a while, right?!?) I decided to not go "crazy" but still cuten them up. I just didn't want to "waste" my pretty chippies...is that bad?!? Plus, I initially planned on using them for my babies' Halloween pages anyway - especially if they'd just end up in the garbage anyway (shuttering at the thought right now!!). Here's a look at mine:

For Christian's class (Kindergarten) I used this page and paper pieced all of the little monsters and their lil cute sayings - and added googly eyes for AWESOMENESS. For Alivia's class' I put my Lawn Fawn "Heebie Jeebies" Stamps to good use by stamping the Happy Halloween webbed sentiment and added the (most adorable) spider into the web for added cuteness. I added Tootsie pops and twizzlers as the treats and finished them off with "from: Christian/from: Alivia" stamped with Lawn Fawn's Harold's ABCs and punched it out with a circle punch. Wow, I'm really long winded today - sorry about that!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

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  1. These are entirely way too cute! Love the Lawn Fawn in there, perfect for kids. I avoid the whole goodie bag too, and prefer cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes, have you seen these cupcakes (thinking they'd be REALLY fun to make with the kiddos!)http://tomkatstudio.blogspot.com/2010/10/cupcake-monday-adorable-candy-corn.html