"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Corner Bookmarks - Lawnscaping #19 & Wee Memories #70

Morning, happy Thursday! EEK, I’m honestly so excited to share today’s projects with you guys!!! The story goes like this:

Several months ago I was browsing Etsy (I totally love Etsy for handmade gifts - and inspiration!!) and came across a handmade corner bookmark. What a totally a cool idea and I’d never seen one before that. I decided I must make one... I Googled “corner bookmark and found several tutorials and printed them out. Then... they sat tucked away in a drawer for about 3 months. HMPH. Just working on other stuff, I guess.

Anyway so this week is “book fair” week @ my son’s school and since he’s learning to read (and doing AMAZING) he loves getting books. My hubby took him & my daughter last night & they each picked up one. So, when I got home, my son decided he needed me to make him a bookmark, which I did. After he went to sleep, I remembered the corner bookmarks and pulled out the tutorials. I gave two of them a try and failed miserably. Here is the link to the one that I had success with. It’s pretty easy and the “hardest” part is covering them with patterned paper - which really wasn’t hard AT ALL.

Before I share my bookmarks with you, I should tell you, I’m entering the whole stash into both the Lawnscaping #19 Challenge

and the Wee Memories #70 Challenge

Both are very cool challenges and I think these babies fit the bill for both. Some of my favorite techniques are stamping, paper piecing, and I love reading. Also, I think they've got some good dimention going on.

So, without further delay here are my bookmarks:

As you can see, I made 4 of them (so far). I modified the tutorial to fit my needs, I think it says to cut the paper to 3x3 - I cut mine 4x3. Basically, then you fold the corners in {so it looks like a house}. I corner punched the bottom corners - because I like how that looks, and then covered them with patterned paper. Fun!

Before I even started - I knew I was going to use Lawn Fawn's Critters as the fun focal points, paired with their punny sayings - love those. {I used Critters on the Farm, Critters in the Sea - and then also added in a few stamps from Silly Valentine, Crusing Through Life, and Hello Friend} All of the images are paper pieced. Here is a look at them all in use - and product info for each:
This is my favorite one!! For it I used My Minds Eye’s Lost & Found “Sunshine” 6x6 pad
For this I used an October Afternoon’s Seaside 8x8 pad
And on this one I used a My Minds Eye Stella & Rose “Hazel” 6x6 pad
Lastly, for this one, I used My Minds Eye Lost & Found II “Blush” 6x6 pad

For each of them, I stamped my little personalized “Handmade by Heather” stamp on the back - love this stamp ;).

They don’t hurt your book either, just fit on your marked page, nice and snug.

I think they’ll make nice little gifts for Teacher Appreciation day. Maybe Christmas gifts for my bible study group. I brought them in to show the ladies at my daughter’s preschool (which is also our church - we’re all friendly) and they LOVED THEM!!! I basically lost 3 of them right there on the spot, but told them I’d have to take pics 1st ;).

Also, have you read this book:

My grandma referred it to me and it didn’t disappoint. Good book. I want to see the movie! Soon hopefully. Of course, I had to get the copy with the movie scene on the cover - Robert Pattinson {hunk-o-rama!}. You should check the book out. It's not just a love story - it's also about the {old days} Circus and how people look at/treat older people.

Ok, that’s it for me today. Thanks you, so very much for all the prayers for my mom!!! They obviously are working, she already got her Chemo today and it went smoothly. Her doctor is adjusting the other meds that go along with the Chemo, because she’s swollen in her face. I hope they help. If you can remember, when you can, can you keep her in your prayers for a while - I'd sure appreciate that. Anyway, have an awesome day & weekend!!!


  1. WOWWWWW Heather.....the bookmarks so awesome idea...so cute, adorable and creative. I Loveeee it! So glad you playing at Lawnscaping :)

  2. How cute are these! ACK!!!!! Love them. I have NEVER seen a corner bookmark before (gasp)... You rocked these babies! Thanks for entering them into both challenges! :)

  3. Erm, this is weird... I just signed into my blogger account to upload photos of couple of bookmarks I just made and I see your post on my reading list. Vow!

    Photos of my bookmarks don't look good though, it's 8pm here ;) So I'll have to wait until tomorrow to upload them on my blog :)

    Corner bookmarks are a great idea, I never knew about them. Will definitely try those :)

    I haven't read the book yet. Downloaded it few weeks back from audible,, never got around to listening :D

    ciao bella

  4. Okay, these bookmarks are AWESOME! I've not seen these kinds of bookmarks before. I love the Lawn Fawn images on them, just so cute!

  5. Hi there, Your corner bookmarks are adorable. I was planning on making those for my next book club meeting but I needed inspiration. Thanks so much for helping with that. BTW... I'm new to your blog, you have such cute creations!

  6. I want to make a corner bookmark now! I have a magnetic bookmark currently but it is not handmade! :) I am currently reading The Help, because I loved the movie. I read Water for Elephants a couple years ago, loved it. I want to read Sara Gruen's other book Ape House. I just found out recently that she is from North Carolina too! :) Maybe I can make a cool, super cute bookmark like yours by my next book.

  7. Thank you very much for sharing this!! I'm definitely going to try it and make some for my friends!! So so cool!!

  8. These are amazing! And cute!! Thanks for the book referral too, I've been meaning to find a good book so I can get away from cardmaking for a while. I'm staring to loose that good feeling...

  9. Heather - I LOVE these bookmarks! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The corner...what a great idea and the images are too cute! And yes, Water for Elephants is a wonderful book and I adored the movie! Hunk-o-rama is right! :) I'm so sorry to hear about your mom and will keep her in my prayers!

  10. I've seen those bookmarks before but your post has totally made me want to make some NOW! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow!!! These are just great -- sooo adorable, I just love them! Thanks so much for playing at Wee Memories this week!

  12. What adorable book marks!
    Thanks so much for playing at Wee Memories.

  13. I saw your bookmarks on the OA Flickr site, and I decided to check out your blog. Wow--you make really cute projects! I'm a follower now. :)

  14. I totally adore this! Thank you so much for playing along with us at Lawnscaping! :)

  15. Heather, these are soooooo cute!!! I love the idea (I've never seen this idea before) and the way you executed them is awesome. LOVE the paper piecing. Glad to hear your mom has started her new chemo--I'll keep her in my thoughts.

  16. Squeee, I love the corner book marks! I've never heard of them before and now I must make one! Yours are adorable!!

    I loved reading "Water For Elephants", the movie was just meh. But you know how it is, the movies are never as good as the books. ;)