"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks - Lawnscaping #16 Challenge - an entry from me & my little guy too.

Hi there. Hope you are having an amazing week! Mine has been a but hectic and I just feel exhausted so far - UGH - it's only Wednesday!! I was in an accident this weekend, I hit a off duty cop, no less. Nice huh? So, I was planning this fantastic Saturday day with the kids - a last weekend of the summer adventure before the school year starts.

I picked up my niece, Paige and I was going to take the 3 kids to the Science Museum downtown. On our way I stopped by Target to return some shoes that were too small for my daughter. Anyway, Paige & Christian started fighting when I was driving out of the parking lot - which is typical these days - and I looked back for a second to tell them to stop and hit the person in front of me.

So dissappointed in myself.

I'm fine, we were all fine, the guy in the other car was fine - my car is not so fine. I'm in a rental. I'm so dissappointed. I know, I know, accidents happen... that's why we have insurance... yea, yea, I know. I'm just... it was something I really didn't need right now.

Then this coming Sunday is my boss' memorial service and that's just making me think WAY more than I should and it's emotionally drained me. Almost to the point of being creatively blocked. I was so happy to finally get inky last night! It always helps me smile. I needed it!

anyway - onto the happy:

Since my hubby was staying home with the kids today (camp is closed because school starts next week), I let my son, Christian, stay up a bit later than usual. I asked him (he's 6 - going into 1st grade *sniff*)if he wanted to stamp/make cards with me - and he did :D. My little creative boy. We're going to enter it into the Simon Says Stamp Children's Challnege!

He asked who my card was for, I told him I wanted to enter it into the Lawnscaping #16 Challenge - but that it could be for him - BIG SMILES! I knew this challenge would be a REAL, well, challenge for me because I love paper piecing so much - I almost NEVER EVER do a one layer card!

After I explained the concept, he said "Ok, mommy, I'll do a one layer card too then" and so we sat there making our cards. He is too cute that boy - he's my creative buddy! He made a whole watery scene!!!

When he was done, he said something was missing... a sun... I told him I had a sun stamp, and he said "well, does it have sunglasses, your sun" um...no... he said "well then, I'd better draw it, because I really need a sun with sunglasses". Of course you do little guy. Too cute. He decided it was a card for his cousin Shannon. He has too much fun hanging out with her last weekend. Here's the inside of his card:

Ok, now onto my card. This really was a hard challenge for me. I was scared of doing just one layer... I actually made a card and hated it. So, I started over with a different idea in mind. In the end I did like what I came up with though:

I knew I wanted a Kraft background. I used Washi tape to make grass, then stamped my images and colored them in with Copics. Actually, the clouds were the 1st images I stamped, and I colored them in with a white (Prisma)color pencil. When I started out, I thought I would color the entire card in with color pencils, but in the end decided everything else needed Copics. I wanted my critters to have a bit of debth and my 12 pack beginner pack of color pencils were not gunna cut it.

So, as you can see, I also used a glittery Copic to color in the flowers, my raccoon's eyes, the dragonfly, and trace aound the clouds.

I really like the effect it gave it. Just a little something extra. I think it adds something purty ;).

Anyway - sorry for the too much info kind of post. Thanks for peeking. I hope you have an amazing day & weekend. I hope to ink up some more this week - I really hope to - but I just don't know.


  1. Heather, first of all....... I am so sorry about your accident! I know you are disappointed in yourself, but accidents do happen so try not to beat yourself up over it....... At least no one was injured. At this point, it is just all a big pain in the butt!!!

    I love your son's card! How adorable. I love that he wanted to create a card with you. How old is he???

    And your card is adorable. I love the scene you created and your critters are colored just beautifully!

  2. Glad to hear that everyone is ok! Well, your talent has surely rubbed off on your son as these are two fine cards! (He should enter his in the Simon Says Kid's Challenge, just sayin')! Great coloring. And your card, that's some great coloring too. I forget the awesome impact colored pencils have on kraft paper.

  3. What a bummer about the accident. I'm glad everyone is okay (except your poor car)! I'm sorry your boss's memorial service has you down (understandably!). I'm glad you got a unwind and scrap a little. Christian's card is adorable...love the rainbow dolphin. And the inside is as cute as the outside! I love all the glittery accents on your card. The way you did the grass is fabulous, too. Yeah!

  4. Gorgeous card ( sorry I don't knwo your name ) I love the dolphin, what a lovely image and the sea and the sun are fabulous :-) I am sure Shannon will love this card :-)

    Gorgeous card Heather too !! I love Lawn fawn ( we are showcasing them this week so I hope you will join in !) :-)

    I am sorry to hear about your accident, but cars are fixable/replaceable ,, as long as no one was hurt then it really doesn't matter !!! Put it behind you and think happy thoughts :-)

    thanks for joining us on the Simon Says Stamp Children's Challenge :-)
    Lols x x x