"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ok, no crafty project today - although - I’m thinking up one. I want to make a mini-book based on what I do everyday - you know, my Routine. The Crate Paper Blog’s current challenge is to create a project using (75% of their fabulous products and) the word Routine as inspiration. I’ve actually wanted to do something like this for a while and kind of have a little something started. Hopefully I actually finish it by the deadline (8/31/11).

Last night I started thinking about my daily routine. It’s clear to me that NO mom could make a “mini” book about her daily routine, right? It’ll have to be just a few highlights.

Most of the main parts of my daily routine revolve around these two amazing little creatures right here:

I still can't believe God let me help make them! Anyway these pics are from Last night. We did our new school year measurements - and I got a mini Photoshoot!.
One of the things that is fairly new to my daily routine is taking care of our new/used Guinea Pigs. Meet Krystal (named by Christian):

and Sunny (named by Alivia):

He's not really "redish" my camera just reflected funny on him. Anyway, they're mainly a part of my daily routine because I CAN NOT have smelliness in my house, which means cleaning the cage often. I’m actually potty/litter training them. Sounds funny - but it’s working!!! We also have a fun little family thing every night feeding & playing with them.

The scoop:
They’re both girls. I got them off Craigs List about 3 weeks ago. They are about 3 years old. Did I want little critters, you ask... NOOOOOO, I most certainly did not! This is all my hubby’s doing.

He went & promised the kiddos that if they were good (meant mainly for my son) at Summer Camp ALL summer, we could get a Hamster (he’s been begging for one for months). I don’t know what’s wrong with him - making promises like that without even asking me - you know. When I (er...) “questioned” him about it, he said something like “come one, this is Christian, he’s bound to wack someone at SOME point there over the summer!” He had a point. I know my son, and he gets “handsy” sometimes. I went along with it... You know, I’m really surprised how good a kid can be when something they REALLY want is at stake.

I was really freaking out when I realized we were going to have to get a hamster, so, I started researching them online and at pet stores. I found out that Guinea Pigs are actually MUCH better pets than hamsters. They don’t bite (my son was terrified of being bit), and are not nocturnal (HUGE PLUS!!!) - so they sleep when we sleep, and they’re really friendly little pets.

Craigs List??? Yes, I looked for them on Craigs List at the referral of a friend who also bought hers from - isn’t that the strangest thing?!? I got them from a family 15 mins away from me for less than the price of 1 store bought Guinea Pig, I got 2 piggies (they do best, and are generally happier, in - same sex - families/pairs) and the cage/bedding/food/toys/accessories for $25.00! They’re actually really nice little critters. Wish me luck - it's been quite a bit of work so far, but they are sweet little things.

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  1. Yeah for the guinea pigs! They are much better than hamsters and live longer, too. Super cute! Although I think my husband would be in the cage, too, if he made a promise that (or at least changing the cage daily)--LOL! Good luck!