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-- Michael Bridge

Monday, March 28, 2011

Relay for Life Recap (full of Pics)

Hi there. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Mine was good. I am still seriously exhausted (like falling asleep while driving to work kind of exhausted). The relay for Life was a great experience. We got there around 1pm on Saturday and left at 10am on Sunday. I ended up staying up the entire time. Around 2:30am I decided i was going to try to sleep, but that did not happen. It was so wet and foggy there was a sheene of dew on everything (and everyone). Plus there was so much going on, I couldn't get to sleep. When I got home, all of my home duties (including unpacking all of our crap and my 2 kiddies) were still waiting for me (YAY!!), I only took a 2 hour nap when I got home - as you can imagine, I'm exhausted. Oh well. The day shall go on.

Since I had no crafty goodness to share, I though I'd share pics from the relay. This is the members of my office (with our sign). My boss was supposed to be in Texas, and surprised us all while we were walking!! Exciting! So, this is my mom, my boss, Jim, Josh (AKA other attorney in the office, AKA our team captain), me (and my daughter Alivia, who would not smile!), and Kathy. My mom, Kathy & I are all the Legal Assistants/Secretaries of the office ;):

This is my mom's boyfriend, Mike, my mom, Linda (my boss' wife), Jim, and their dog, Rosie:

This is me, Alivia, and Karla (she's my Pastor's daughter). She was all about the pink fire rescue car! it was pretty cool!:

This is my hubby, Sal, Christian (my son), and Rob (he works with Sal and was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer at the end of last year. He had his thyroid out, a little radiation, and thank God, he's been doing great!!!):

This is all of us in the tent. Each team sells stuff (food, drinks, crafts, has games, etc.) to raise funds for Relay. We were selling water:

This is my mom & my sweet son, Christian (who stayed overnight with us - and was amazing!) walking in the moment of silence to remember all those lost to cancer. it was super sad and emotional. I'm literally thanking God for everyday I have with my mom:

They also had a bounce house for the kids. My hubby stayed there with my daughter, Alivia, until about 9:00pm. Late for her:

But she sure had LOTS of fun:

My son did too. He slept overnight with our team:

No need to be bored. He was so good, and has an awesome time.

They had a special Luminaria Ceremony just before the walk in silence. They showed a few videos and they really helped me to realize what my mom’s going through emotionally right now. She said it really helped her to hear (from someone else) that others feel the same way. That it’s ok to feel helpless sometimes:

This is my mom showing Christian how to use his marshmallow gun (one of the teams sold them as their fund raiser):

Un....fortunately he used it on our team members instead of shooting it at the ground

Which my mom kinda liked... High Five!

So, long post, I know. But we had an amazing time. It was really nice to be there with my mom and son all night. I wish I didn’t let my size (and my discrimination of myself) get in the way of including myself in more pictures. I gotta either get over it, or do something about it.
Anyway. In total the Davie/Cooper City Relay for Life raised over $100,000.00 for Cancer Research!!! I feel so proud to be a part of that. It raised a lot more, and that was:

I took that pic @ 4am :D.

If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a Relay for Life near you, I absolutely recommend it. Even if you, or someone you love hasn’t been effected with Cancer, it's a real life experience. If you do it with your kids - even better. This was truly something my son, mom, & I will remember forever. We’ll do it again, for sure.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much done in the crafting department this weekend. I did START on something I’m working on, but in NO WAY did I complete anything!! Sigh... I plan on getting my craft on tonight.

In the meantime, you should totally be checking out Christiana Reuling’s Blog post today!!! She has a fabulous giveaway to celebrate her blog-a-versary :D. Happy Blog-A-Versary Christy!!! The card she’s sharing today is just awesome!!!!!!! Way too much fun. If you are NOT a follower of Christy’s blog, you really should be. Get on that will ya! She’s totally inspiring and makes fabulous cards!

That's it for me today. I hope you all have a great day. Thanks for all of the sweet comments last week, AND (most importantly) thank you so very much for all of your thoughts and prayers for my mom. She's off treatment for about 3 weeks. Will be trying to gain her strength (and some weight) because this next, new, round of Chemo is supposed to be tough. Please keep the prayers coming you wonderful thoughtful girls!!


  1. What an amazing story. I participated in one Relay for Life and will never forget the experience either.

  2. way to go you rock...get cause. I've been sent by MOMO, isn't she fabulous. Love your blog. I'm now a new follower. Would love if you dropped by mine. www.canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com

  3. This is awesome! My daughter, sister, and mom do the Relay for Life in Pittsburgh every year. Hoping to get to one myself one of these years! I am a new follower, sent by the awesome Momo! Would love it if you dropped by my blog www.scrappingmamahen.blogspot.com

  4. Amazing story, Heather... praying for your mom!