"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mini Sunday :)

So on Sunday (this is after I taught Sunday School, helped our youth program wash cars for 3 hours for a fund raiser, and gave my family bunches of quality time) I made this lil cutie!! I really like this line of paper/flair from American Crafts and have used it to make baby Shower invites for a special friend and then also used it to make her a mini album when her baby was born. I made this to sell at a little craft sale we're having at church this coming Friday. It took me about 2 and a half hours, and I have to say, I love it so much I almost dont want to part with it, but I'm hoping someone falls in love with it & takes it off my hands.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful star album!! Great boyish colors!!