"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentiney (you like my word huh?) Gifts

Hello there! Happy (um. ok.) Monday. I got majorly crafty this weekend! I will have several posts this week :D.

but first... so, I was walking my dog last night and thinking of all of the cool stuff I made this weekend, I felt really happy and proud of myself, until... I started feeling... guilty. I said (to myself, of course) "sheesh, if you made so much stuff, you must have really neglected your family a lot this weekend, lady!" But then I stopped myself right then and there. I realized that I am WAY to hard on myself! I'm so totally not fair to myself. Yes, I did a lot of craftiness. But I also had a VERY productive weekend with my family.

On Friday I took my mom for Radiation (yep, they found a 1.5 cm tumor on her brain two weeks ago :( very scary. But she's amazing! She's been really positive. While she has been feeling really tired - and her new Chemo is making her pretty sick - she's doing really good). She took me around the VA (she served in the Air Force for 5 yrs and is being covered by VA benefits since she lost her health insurance when my dad died 3 years ago - thank God!!!) and I met all of her nurses and saw the ins and outs of the VA. Honestly, it made me pretty sad. Anyway, we went to lunch afterward and basically spent the entire morning and half of the day together. It was really nice to be together. Now, I am really valuing the quality time together - that I took for granted just 6 months ago.

Then I spent Friday evening with my hubby & kids - made a great dinner. Saturday, I crafted while my daughter napped and my son stamped along side me. When she woke up, I took the kiddies to a new (for us) park for a few hours. I even taught my son to do the monkey bars - which he was estatic about!!!. Then I and made a new recipe for dinner - which was awesome! Sunday, I taught Sunday School and then after church we let the kids play on the (church's) park for an hour or so while we chatted with friends. We went home, ate lunch, Alivia napped, I crafted again while my son & hubby set up the Wii (gifted from my mom for Christmas) and played. Then I made today's dinner (in the afternoon)... and yesterday's dinner (in the evening)... and when the kiddies went to bed I crafted some more. Throughout the whole weekend, I also had plenty of (parent only) time with my man. We also got in some nice conversation. IT WAS A GREAT FAMILY ORIENTED WEEKEND!! So, I feel guilty because I also have a lot - craft wise - to show for it??? I have GOT to stop doing this to myself!

It makes me happy to craft. Could I be exercising instead (which, honestly, I SO desperately need to be doing)?? Yes. But would it make me as happy? No. (I don’t think so, anyway) Yes, I fully plan to get healthy, this year. I don’t do "New Year's resolutions", but I am making goals that I intend to keep. Another one of them is to stop apologizing for being me, for doing what makes me happy. Crafting, card making, scrapbooking, and making things for others makes me extremely happy! It’s like a therapy ;). ok, sorry, I guess I had to get THAT out of the way. I'm sure I'm not the only gal out here who feels this way, from time to time.

So, on that note, here’s a look at my first share of this week:

They are Valentines Day treat bags that I made for my kids’ teachers (before/after care included) and for my work peoples ;). I used kraft windowed bags from “It’s in the Bags” found HERE on Etsy, and covered them in Lawn Fawn’s Teeny Tiny Backdrops background stamp(the hearts) using Hero Arts “Punch” Chalk ink. I also broke out my Slice for the first time on this project to make the cute tag (on Fancy Pants paper). I then punched a 1 and a half inch circle, and stamped them with Lawn Fawn’s Silly Valentine Stamps and sentiments. I chalked around the circle/tag with Colorbox chalk, and finished them off with twine from The Twinery. Love.

I’m so happy to have gotten a head start on my Valentine’s Day crafts. I don't feel overwhelmed and am happy with what I've been making. Plus, I’ve always wanted to make our own Valentines Day cards for the kids classes, and I did it! YAY. Also, having the handmade treats/presents are a bonus. Two for two! YAY! YAY!

Hope you have a great evening!! See ya tomorrow with more craftiness!

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  1. These are so cute, its nice to hear about your weekend too!