"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Saturday, October 4, 2014

WCMD Mini Book Challenge

Is this not the best day ever - World Card Making Day ROCKS!! I am so inspired I can hardly help myself! I've got another post over on the CC2G Blog - This one is to make a mini book! If you've never tried to make one, you must rectify that immediately! They're a great way to start scrapbooking - but as I'll share today - not JUST for scrapbookers. So, I wanted to share a fun idea I saw on Pinterest. We all know that Ashley Cannon Newell is amazingly talented right? Well, she has a FANTASTIC tutorial on how to make a mini book/card set. Go check it out, I'll wait. The video itself is just flawless. You know, some videos when you go to create your own version of the project - it just ends up...off...somehow. Sizing doesn't quite work, you've got to tweak things... it doesn't quite come out how the person in the video's project did - technique wise (does this happen to anyone else - or just me?!?). Rest assured crafty girls - that will not happen to you with this tutorial. Flawless I'm telling you. Here is my take on this awesome project.
Here is a pic of all of the cards in this mini book:
Then here is another that is a bit different.
and then this is the set of cards included with this mini book:
On this 2nd mini book, I only used kraft paper to construct it, then just embellished the covers. I thought it would be too "plain" but that's not the case at all! The cards are so fun that they add the fancy it needs :) Cute right - and very easy. I kept my pages "clean" or plain (just like Ashley did in her video). That way the cover of the mini and the cards were the stars of this show :). Each pocket includes one card and a standard A2 envelope. I love the prospect of gifting it to someone as a card set, but encouraging them to use it as (or maybe give it to some one to use it as) as a mini "scrapbook" or picture holder afterward. Each pocket can fit about 10 pictures comfortably - which means this can hold up to about 50 pictures and is a great gift for peeps with kids in their lives. Give one of these to Grandma and after she's used all of the cards, she can fill it up with pictures and whip this baby out of her purse and show off her grandbabies in the blink of an eye! Anyway, I've made 4 of these in the past 5 days! It's THAT kinda easy and they are so much fun. I have big plans for these adorable mini books - I'm thinking Teacher Appreciation Day, friend's birthdays, etc. These are going to make lovely gifts. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that. I can't WAIT to see the minis you all come up with. Won't you play along with me?!?

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  1. Wow, this mini book is so nice, I love all of the cards in it! Very beautiful details, have a great weekend!