"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

YAY I started my Project Life -Title pages & Week One!

Hi there! Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I wanted to share with you {one of} the creative journeys that I'll be taking over the course of this year - I've finally decided to bite the bullet and start my “Project Life” album!! I'm super excited about it :). I purchased the a PL binder and some page inserts the first week of January, but things have been so incredible busy, and honestly, I felt a bit intimidated by the whole thing.

However, I love the idea of Project Life {check out this link to Becky Higgins' Project Life website for more info and LOTS of inspiration!!}. I love the idea of daily documenting, documenting life as it’s happening. I can scrap weekly or daily, depending on how I feel or am inspired. Document those little things that I may miss when scrapbooking full layouts (because sometimes I'm scrapping a photo from yesterday, and other times I'm scrapping a photo from last year).

So, my thought process here is that I can keep up with the everyday and then later really scrap full layouts of events and things (if I choose to - which I'm sure I will) and the memory will have been documented and I think it will make the memory more real - the journaling more personal.

I have a really busy life {WHO DOESN'T} with kids, family, working full time. I don't know that I’ll get daily pictures in. I plan to try. But I really really do love the idea of Project Life. Most people {as far as I know} start the Project Life journey at the beginning of the year, however, being the rebel I am, I’ve started mine in February ;).

Ok, anyway - sorry - long drawn out post! I promise that the rest of my PL posts will not be like this one.

So, to help me on this journey, as I mentioned I purchased a Project Life Binder and some of the cool page inserts off of Amazon. As for supplies, I’m totally and exclusively using items from my own stash; which is, I’m gunna go a head and say it, embarrassingly extensive. I think part of my papercrafting “hobby” has been collecting/hoarding the goodies {not in a weird HOARDERS way, but in a neat organized OCD way. Patterned paper, embellishments, stamps, distress inks... well, the list is entirely too long to go through.

Also, I joined an online journal “OhLife” - which is really cool! Super easy and free :). I set it up so that every night at 9pm (after the kiddies are asleep and my day winds down) I get an email from OhLife that says “It’s *date* How did your day go?”. I simply reply to the email (which I receive on my phone - again, super easy) and there you go, the day is documented. I can log in to my PhLife account anytime and view my journaling to assist with Project Life. Easy Peasy.

Today I wanted to share my title page(s) AND my Week 1 layout. PSST - see how I incorporated some Lawn Fawn Stamps in there hee hee :).
{Title Page}

This is the second page. It's kind of a "getting to know us" page. With a open up pockety/folder which includes a letter to my family from me, as I start this journey of our 2012 year and my favorite e.e. cummings poem:

This page is about who we are right now. Mainly the kids:
Lastly these are the pages that make up {Week One - Jan 30 - Feb 5} and here is a closer look at the individual pages of week one:
As you can see, for these first few pages, I've used plenty of Crate Paper (which is always one of my faves!!!). I really love how they came out. I also love the shapes/sizes of the pockets. FUN!

I'm linking up with a few websites today {One Happy Mama & The Mom Creative} that make it a point to share Project Life Layouts. and You should totally check them out. Prepare to be inspired (and attached to the computer screen for a little while). It's only the beginning, and I'm still a bit intimidated, but I think this will be great fun!

Thanks for peekin' in on me. Tomorrow I'll be popping in to share my card for Lawnscaping's Sketch Challenge! I loved that sketch and honestly, couldn't wait to tear open my newest Lawn Fawn Stamps to play along!!! if you join in, please let me know so I can hop over and check your card out!!!


  1. Looks really great. I especially like how you did a page on who you all are right now, where your kids are in life, etc. Cool. My kids are 3 & 7 mths. I'd like to remember that for next year. Good luck. Your pages look really good!

  2. Your pages look great! Thanks for sharing!

  3. absolutely lovely. you know i love those doilies!!
    love it.xoxo

  4. I love what you used for your title page with Crate Paper & doily. The 2nd page is a great idea too as an intro to your family. Your week 1 is looking good Heather! Hope you'll find time to continue the rest of the weeks and I'm really looking forward to them! :)

  5. SO pretty! Love all of your pages! Love the Crate paper, too! ;)

  6. I found you through the Flickr group. Love your use of doilies and twine! Good luck getting into a routine with PL. I have two kids and work full time, too, and am somehow finding time for this and am loving it.

  7. oooh love the Lawn Fawn Polaroid in this project!