"When our eyes see our hands doing the works of out hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our soul flies open and love steps forth to heal everything in signt"

-- Michael Bridge

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When in a rut... make more pretty bookmarks...

That's gunna be my new motto. It's been so hard for me to be motivated lately. Actually, I have been crafting, but it's for the upcoming Lawnscaping Blog Hop!!! It's on December 9th and I hope you'll come hop along!

I don't want to leak my idea, but it's a cool one, and very time consuming ;)

Anyway, I have made a few more corner bookmarks and thought I'd share them with you today. For this batch (seems I make them in sets of 4) I used Pink Paisley's Authentique 6x6 pad - I am in love with this patterned paper - and various Lawn Fawn sets (and even a Paper Smooches sentiment on one of them). Here ya go:

For this one, I used the cute piggie from Lawn Fawn's Critters on the Farm set. I really got a kick out of the patterned paper - the 5 Cent on it reminds me of a piggie bank! Bahahaha. The fun sentiment is from Paper Smooches' "Chit Chat" set. Cuteness.

I also really love making these cow bookmarks - with the awesome "you mooove me" sentiment! All of the stamps on this one are from Lawn Fawn's Critters on the Farm set ;)

Last, but not least, THIS ONE IS MY FAVE of this little batch: I just LOVE the layered pinwheel!! With Prima Bling - YUM!

I also wanted to share pics of my already decorated Christmas tree: I really love my Christmas tree & can hardly wait to put it up each year. Each & every ornament means something special to me.

When my dad died (almost 4 yrs ago, this month) and my mom moved back into their house with her boyfriend (my parent had separated 8 or so months before he died) they didn't want to use our family Christmas ornaments. They started fresh. I was grateful to inherit them. When I was a kid, my mom belonged to an ornament club through Disney and we have a ton of Disney ornaments. They mean alot to me, and Disney is significant to Sal & I. He took me on my 1st trip to Disney. Since then, it's just kind of our "thing". We used to go all the time before we had the kids(less, now, buying 5 tickets is much harder than 2), and we even honeymooned there.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite ornaments with you, because your my friends & all ;).
This is one of the Disney ornaments, I don't know why, but it's one of my faves
This is us as lil (and I mean LIL) 16 & 17 year olds - our 1st Christmas together. That's 1996 peeps:
2002 - my sister in law bought this for us the year we bought/moved into our home:
This one my boss brought us back from Maine one year. I really love it, and this is my 1st Christmas in 11 years that he's not here to celebrate with us and get us wacky gifts - it makes me kind of sad - but happy to remember his awesomeness.
Ha! I love this one too!! My mother-in-law gave it to us a few years ago - it's from my hubby's 1st Christmas. it says 1978 on it an everything. Way old school ;)
And these are my babies' 1st Christmas ornaments. Gets me teary even looking at them. They are growing entirely too fast, and there is no way to stop it!

This one is one my Grandma & Grandpa sent us from NY. It makes me miss them. My grandpa especially, as we lost him December 26th last year :(
THIS is one of my ALL time favorites!!!!! Sal's God mother (who I was VERY close to, and sadly, also passed away last year) gave it to me when I was pregnant with Alivia. She had gotten it from a family member when she was pregnant with her last child - almost 50 years ago. It's a preggers mouse, eating an icecream and standing on a jar of pickles!!! To die for right?!?
This one I made last year. I really love it. I upcycled packaging from a pack of Bo Bunny buttons and a Maya Road Coaster shaped like a house. The stamps are Hampton Arts (I believe) and I used some Martha Stewart Chunky glitter to make a snowglobeish ornament. My kids LOVE it!
Every year, I pick up a new ornament for the kids. This was last year's - a Stitch Elvis - I love it:
And this one, of the Nativity scene - I love this one - HE is the reason for the season :)

So, you get the idea. Obviously, these are not all of them (we'd be here forever peeps) but my all time (so far) favorites. This year, I think I'll have to get a Disney princess ornament, maybe Ariel. Alivia is REALLY into them, and the Little Mermaid is her fave right now! I always date them, so one day, when I pass them to my kids, they'll have good memories. They'll think back on these years, what we were into, places we've been. Things that made others think of us. I think our tree reflects us in a lot of ways. It really makes me happy.

I'll be out of blog world for the next week. I'm actually taking a mini road trip. My in laws moved upstate Florida last month, and we're heading up there. To "country folk" Florida. Never been. I'll be on the lookout for Scrapbook Stores ;). Wish me luck, and I honestly hope you guys all have an amazing Thanksgiving. I really am thankful for your support and friendship. See ya in a week!!


  1. Gorgeous tree and adorable corner marks as always! Love that you shared with us your favorite ornaments! :) Where in Florida are you visiting?

  2. Fun post, more cute bookmarks, love them! Thanks for sharing your ornaments, I love ornaments that have stories behind them, I don't really have too many of those, but I do have a few and they are my favorites!

  3. I've got one of those baby ornaments too! Hope you have fun on your trip and your bookmarks are great!

  4. Your bookmarks are so cute! You always do them so adorable.

    I am really excited for the Lawnscaping Blog Hop now! Can't wait to find out what your secret project is!

    I love your tree. It's so pretty and sparkly and I loved the story behind all the ornaments. I'm really sentimental about mine, too. I'm hoping to put my tree up next week sometime.

  5. I love this post about your fave ornaments! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to put mine up now. . . You've inspired me to take photos of the special ones and perhaps I'll create a layout????